ntexxSavant Plant Tech is proud to distribute Ntexx, an all-natural liquid soil inoculant formulated to enhance soil structure, root development, nutrient uptake, and water infiltration.

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Ntexx® contains specific ingredients designed to help with the nutrient cycling of nitrogen and phosphorus. The nitrogen and phosphorus cycle is the process by which nitrogen and phosphorus are converted between its various chemical forms. This transformation can be carried out by both biological and non-biological processes. Ntexx® does its nutrient cycling by using two specific ingredients called Bacillus subtitus and Pseudomonas putida. In simple terms Ntexx® will help farmers to not only mine out existing phosphorus and nitrogen in your soil but also maximize additional inputs added to the soil over the course of the growing year.


Enhances fertilizer program by increasing plant nutrient uptake

Reduces crusting of topsoil Increases root mass growth

Increases seed germination emergence

Improves water infiltration

Improves soil environment for plant growth by building the aerobic zone of the soil.

Stimulates soil microorganisms that provide essential nutrients for plants through their productive biological processes.

Easily applied using various irrigation systems (spray, trickle, overhead, drip, surge, and L.E.P.A.)

Concentrated for freight savings

Affordable cost

Animals may graze immediately after application

Stable for up to 1 year when stored as directed

May be soil and foliar applied